Why More Men Should Recieve Cosmetic Dental Treatment

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As the demand for cosmetic dentistry grows, social media has become one of the main driving forces behind this demand. However, a study conducted back in 2021 reported that women tend to participate and tweet more about cosmetic-related topics than men. Improving health literacy is a priority for everyone. In response to this, there has been a steady growth of men receiving cosmetic treatments, as about 96 percent of dentists across the country identify themselves as either cosmetic or general dentists. Most patients who see these dentists want to improve their appearance, feel younger, and manage health concerns. 

While small compared to women, men can receive many benefits from cosmetic treatments. We’ll be going over the most popular treatments for men, what roles play a part in men’s dental health, and help bridge the gap between men and cosmetic dentistry. 

Why Aren’t There More Men Getting Cosmetic Dental Treatment? 

One of the biggest trends in cosmetic dentistry is that patients are more willing than ever to discuss cosmetic dental options with their primary care providers. With financing alternatives and affordable treatment plans, more patients are exposed to cosmetic dental procedures’ benefits. But throughout all this, women dominate the majority of patients that inquire about these services. 

This is most often due to how cosmetic dental services are advertised, as many cosmetic practices focus their aesthetic treatments on women, knowing that women will make up most of their patients. Through this effect, there has been a significant decrease in the number of men receiving cosmetic treatment. 

One way this should be dissuaded is that cosmetic dental treatments incorporate health and aesthetics. Despite its heavy emphasis on superficial beauty, cosmetic dental treatments address issues such as facial symmetry, mental health, social circumstances, career goals, and financial accruements into the equation. Many cosmetic treatments can address oral health problems such as malocclusion, tooth discoloration, poor enamel strength, and missing teeth all within one smile makeover session. More men can greatly benefit from these treatment options alongside their dentists.

But with many social stereotypes in the way of this progress, it’s important to find measurable means of tackling these issues by explaining health benefits, enhancing beauty for everyone, and providing better access to men to increase conversations about what they conceive about beauty expectations and dental health. 

How Can Cosmetic Dental Treatment Benefit Men 

Many cosmetic dentists can provide cosmetic treatments to address beauty concerns and common health problems men face today. Overall, cosmetic dental treatment can help provide long-term, substantial benefits, giving greater access to men for these resources than previously conceived. Overall, men can greatly benefit from cosmetic dental treatment because of these benefits: 

  • Address Orthodontic Concerns: One of the most significant issues men face today is malocclusion, which often goes unaddressed, more so in men than women. Cosmetic dental treatments, alongside the cooperation of their orthodontists, can help correct signs of malocclusion and improve their jawbone health, tooth health, and overall smile structure. 
  • Provide Less Invasive Treatments: In cosmetic dentistry, the most popular form of treatment patients want is dental bonding due to its instant results and minimally invasive measures. Treatments like dental bonding can provide a gateway for men not wanting to invest in invasive measures such as implants and can help completely restore their smile without wasting time or effort. 
  • Improve Mental Health: Conversations about men’s mental health need to be discussed more in today’s conversations, and for some, a big factor influencing their mental health is their teeth. Providing cosmetic dental treatments can help improve confidence levels and boost self-esteem. 
  • Enhance Social and Career Relationships: Careers and relationships are the pillars of our society, and getting cosmetic dental treatment can help improve romantic, platonic, and professional relationships, as many studies have shown that more attractive smiles can lead to greater success. 
  • Restores Greater Social Literacy About Dentistry: Conversations about our health need to be expanded upon. One of the most neglected areas of these conversations is men’s perspective on cosmetic treatments. Through more men getting cosmetic dental treatment, they can contribute to better education about dental treatments and financial options associated with them. 
  • Saves Money and Time: Men concerned about finances related to their dental treatments can use cosmetic dental treatment to invest in their dental health to avoid long-term consequences. 

While cosmetic dental treatments can seem expensive and trivial, their long-term financial, social, and health benefits can help reduce the onset of dental problems such as cavities and gum disease in men. Through this venture, it can expand how we view cosmetic dental treatments and provide people with greater access to these resources. For more information, scheduling an appointment with your local dentist can help you learn more about ways to improve your smile and determine which cosmetic dental treatments will work for you.

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