Day: June 7, 2021

How Orthodontic Bonding Adhesive Can Protect Against Decay

Some of the best orthodontic work begins with bonding. Dental bonding allows us to ensure that any restorations you need, such as braces or jaw aligners, use bonding materials to cure the system to the tooth’s surface, allowing the device to work properly and create a controlled scenario for tooth movement. However, dental bonding braces…

Dr. Chris Vinson and Dr. Kristie Vinson Tulsa Precision Dental creates beautiful smiles through modern dentistry, working through the latest restorative and cosmetic techniques to meet our patients' needs and their families in Tulsa, OK. Our practice, operated by Drs. Chris and Kristie Vinson, believes in using preventative care values to achieve the most out of people's dental care.
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